Monday, October 15, 2012

Humboldthain Flakturm

The Flak tower of Humboldthain is one of the 3 towers on Berlin, built during the WWII by order of Hitler to defend the city after 1940.
It has been used also civilian shelter, with room for 10,000 civilians, and even a hospital ward, inside.

According to the end of the war, the tower was partially demolished; as most of these huge concrete structures, it has not been possible to fully demolish them (the interior walls can be of 3,5-4 meters).
Today the tower is fully inside the Humboldthain Park and one side of the tower has been filled with debris from the WWII collapsed buildings and is now a hill to access the highest point of the tower.
The interior can be visited (infos: Berlin Unterwelten)

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