Thursday, October 4, 2012

Müggelturm (Köpenick)

In 1880, Carl Spindler built and then expanded a lookout tower in the middle of this wonderful forest.
In 1945 as the Soviet army approached Berlin the tower was declared a military object and used as a radio transmission tower as well as an observation post for artillery units.
In 1958 the tower burned down completely, but they launched an architectural competition for a new construction.
The 29.61 m high tower of reinforced concrete has nine storeys with panorama windows and a platform which can be reached via 126 steps. The gastronomy area includes a restaurant, a wine tavern and sun terraces.
From the photos it looks like very famous in the DDR time, but now is quite abandoned, the restaurant is in ruins and the surrounding area is quite empty.
From the top is possible to see all the area till Berlin, with Mügglesee and the Allende viertel.

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