Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal - Soviet War Memorial (Treptower park)

This Memorial has been built just after the war to commemorate the 5.000 of the 80.000 russian soldiers that gave their lives in the Battle of Berlin.
So it's not only a memorial but also a war cemetery opened to the public in 1949 in the middle of the Treptower Park.

The field is very huge, the entrance is majestic and the atmosphere always strong and heavy, with its 16 stone sarcophagi, one for each of the 16 Soviet Republics, the statue Motherland weeping at the loss of her sons at the entrance and a 12m tall statue of a Soviet soldier with a sword holding a German child, standing over a broken swastika.

In 1990 was theater of a big demostration against neo-nazis in Berlin.

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