Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tränenpalast - Palace of Tears

Sometimes it happens that you pass by a building in Berlin and it looks "normal" or just not so particular and you keep on passing by it without knowing it at all.
This builing is in the middle of the city, in a very famous and full of people area, just at the corner of Friedrichstrasse.
From 1962 to 1989, the Tränenpalast was the central terminal for travellers between East and West Germany. The building was used only for westbound border crossings, with separate checkpoints for citizens of West Berlin, citizens of West Germany, foreigners, diplomats, transit travellers and East German citizens.
After reunification in 1991 it was a club with different cultural events (disco, cabaret and other live events). In 1993, the building was declared a national monument and in 2006 the club was forced to close, as the Berlin Senate has sold the property.
The name derives from the fact Tränenpalast that most East Germans during the period did not have the freedom to travel to West Berlin and its Western visitors here had to say goodbye with tears.

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