Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bethanienturm (Weißsensee)

Located on the Mirbachplatz in Berlin-Weissensee, Bethany church was built because of the considerable increase in the population in New Weissensee in the beginning of 1900.
Named after the place Bethany, the church was designed in a Gothic style, and in 1902 opened in the presence of Emperor Wilhelm II and Empress Augusta Victoria. In honor of the Empress one of the three bells of the church had the name "Auguste Victoria".

During World War II the building was almost completely destroyed, but the 65 meters tower is still there, together with the original bells, 

In late 2007 the Bethanienturm was sold to a Berlin architect and project developer for the purpose of new uses not yet actualized.

The tower is well visible from long distance and different streets corners.

More infos: WIKI (german)

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