Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stadtbad - Swimming pool Oderberger (Prenzlauer Berg)

In the late 1870s, after the area of Prenzlauer Berg has been rapidly built up, the city began the construction of public facilities (the central cattle and slaughterhouse, an indoor market and a hospital).

The building was built in 1902 in the German Renaissance style. All ornaments and sculptures were made by the sculptor Otto Lessing.

During the WWII the building survived without major damage. In the GDR, it was still used as a bathhouse and 1977 it also received a sauna. The bathroom was an important social reference point for people in the area - many of them had learned to swim here and in the first decades of the 20th Century public showers were also hugely important for hygiene.

An additional concrete chimneywere was added in 1985, then cracks appeared in the floor and the vaulted ceilings, so the bath was closed in December 1986. The bath and shower rooms and sauna were further operated for some time, but also closed in 1997.

It is now used for events and a new plan for renovation has started.

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