Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zionskirche (Prenzlauer Berg)

The Zion Church is a Protestant church in Rosenthaler kietz and it's famous cause here Dietrich Bonhoeffer - a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, dissident anti-Nazi- organized his resistance. He decides to stay at the side of the Jews after the promulgation of the laws and he was first forbidden to speak in public and then he was arrested for one year in Tegel, then executed in 1945 in Flossenbürg by Hitler's personal order just before the end of the war.

The church was inaugurated in 1873 in what was then north of the city as a daughter church of the parish of St. Elizabeth parishDuring World War II the church roof, altar, stained glass windows and the Sauer organ were destroyed, then in the 1960s partly rebuilt till the 80's.

In 1986 the some space was offered for opposition groups to the DDR, Pastor Hans Simon leaves its own basement rooms, which were used as a library, event and print space.

On 17 In October 1987 there was an unofficial concert by the West Berlin band Element of Crime with more then 2000 people. About 30 skinheads attacked from the right scene in the GDR, under the eyes of the people's police but not intrusive, despite calls for help. 
Before this attack, many times was denied the precence of neo-nazi in the DDR.
While the responsibility for the violent attack in the public West Berlin radical right has been assumed that the incident was also the trigger for an internal reflection at the political leadership over right-wing youths in the GDR. The Stasi led increasingly by observations of right-wing groups and tried to resolve it by infiltration of unofficial collaborators.

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