Monday, February 4, 2013

1933-2013 Diversity Destroyed (Zerstörte Vielfalt)

Berlin in the 20's was a really tollerant city, "a place filled with intrigue and decadence, where vice and virtue abounded in equal measure. It became the centre of European intellectual life where the arts and sciences met and flourished." (Rainer Metzger)

Nazi time has distroyed everything.

"The Theme Year will highlight the social and cultural diversity that was destroyed in Berlin under the Nazi regime in the years following 1933. The eightieth anniversary of the Nazi regime’s accession to power on 30 January 1933 and the seventy-fifth anniversary of the November Pogroms are the cornerstones in a year of commemoration, remembrance and active engagement with the past."

Berlin is now celebrating the diversity and it is also dealing with its past and guilt. Maybe 80 exhibitions will be too many for this city and maybe someone can say that the spectacularization of history is used for tourists, but this city has to be proud of been able to make a point of its past in this way.
Berlin can not hide its history and all the suffering made in 33-45 and I'm sure that the new german generations have to understand very strongly which is the limit of good and bad. They were not there, they haven't seen which is the potenciality of the right parties and they need to learn. This is a great opportunity also because the city is changing and on one side is going back to the 20's.

Unfortunately this kind of view is not the same in other countries, like my born one where these kind of things are just but impossible to think about.

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