Sunday, March 24, 2013

Itinerary #1 - Potsdamer Platz

This is a new section of the Blog that will bring you on a walk in Berlin, through different places and buildings, with just a hint of history and curiosities, dealing with different aspects of the city. Just walk and discover a bit more of it !!

You can start this itinerary from Potsdamer Platz (2), already too famous, but in the square you'll find the first traffic lights in Continental Europe, sets on 20 October 1924.
From here you can go to have a look at the Georg Elser Monument (1), who tried to kill Hitler (
Then, going south you'll arrive at the train station Anhalter Bahnhof (3), called "Gateway to the South", of which you can just see the surviving central portion of the facade (it has been demolished in 1960).
Not far from here there's also a air-raid shelter (4), a massive concrete block, which is now the Berliner Gruselkabinett.
On the other side of the shelter, there's the interesting white Tempodrom (5), an event venue, which was initially launched in 1980 as a kind of alternative circus in a tent on the west side of the Potsdamer Platz, then moved here.
Leading south and walking by the river on Hallesches Ufer, you'll arrive in Mehringplatz, a square surrounded by buildings on a circular base. Under the arches of these buildings and going again a bit north, there are very interesting photorealistic graffiti (6).
Last stop of this small walk is The Metal Workers Union building - Industriegewerkschaft Metall (7), a modernist building by the same architect of the Einsteinturm (, Erich Mendelsohn, but the style is totally different.

(4) Air-raid shelter

(3) Anhalter Bahnhof

(6) Graffiti
(5) Tempodrom

(1) Georg Elser Monument
(2) the first traffic lights