Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Schloss Babelsberg - UNESCO Castle (Potsdam)

Babelsberg Palace lies on top of a small hill in a big park in Potsdam. For over 50 years it was the summer residence of Prince William, later Emperor William I and his wife.

The building, designed in the English Gothic style, was built in two phases over the period 1835–1849. The contract to plan the palace was given to the architects Karl Friedrich Schinkel (the same of the Altes_Museum), Ludwig Persius and Johann Heinrich Strack.
Babelsberg Palace is managed by the Berlin-Brandenburg Foundation for Prussian Palaces and Gardens (Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg) and is protected by UNESCO as a world heritage site within the Potsdam ensemble.

After the death of William I in 1888 preferred the imperial successor other castles as a residence. The furniture was lost through looting after 1945. From 1953 some rooms have been used by the Academy of State and Law of the DDR. The classrooms were located in new buildings from the 1950s, behind the palace, which are now demolished.

From 1970, the building housed a museum of prehistory and early history, while now they're going to completely renovate it.

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Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg

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