Friday, March 1, 2013

The Berlin Wall is falling AGAIN #2

Today the first piece of the Berlin Wall has been demolished.
More then 300 people were demonstrating against it, but it's quite impossible to stop it.
It's a really strange feeling to see a wall demolished in this way... the SAME wall that for 40years people have demonstrate to tear it down.
What's changed? A wall can be a separation, an obbligation to stay on ONE side and for sure a wall is not helping to solve the problems (have a look at the Israelian one at these days).
A wall can be also a defence against something that is not working as it has to be, a defence against the SOLD OUT area for Luxuries Appartments by the Spree river, as this one.
This wall is our connection with the History, our link with it. It's just 33 meters long wall to tear down, but it's simbolically like to tear down the whole 1,3km. As long as you start with it, in a while you'll have JUST a small piece of wall that anyone will recognize as part of a 160km one.

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