Monday, April 8, 2013

Charlottenburger Tor

Although Charlottenburg is more famous for its Schloss-Castle, there's still something else still remaing from the time were Charlottenburg was a city and not just a district of Berlin.

Charlottenburg Gate is a Neo-Baroque building erected in 1907 at the behest of the then independent City of Charlottenburg, it was meant as a counterpart to Berlin's Brandenburg Gate.

In the course of the Nazi plans for a new Berlin city (Germania), Adolf Hitler's chief architect Albert Speer in 1937 ordered the Charlottenburger Chaussee road widened to a "East-West-Axis". To enable a continuous view on street level, the bridge was flattened and broadened.

Charlottenburg Gate and its surrounds were heavily damaged during World War II and the final Battle of Berlin, when in April 1945 forces of the Polish 1st Infantry Division, pushing eastwards to the Berlin city centre, fought against retiring Wehrmacht troops.

In 1970, Charlottenburg Gate and its surrounds have been restored in their 1930s position.

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