Sunday, April 7, 2013

Itinerary #3 - Rathaus Steglitz

Steglitz is not considered as a central or attractive area, but i'm sure that it deserves an opportunity and a visit. The path is made combining together some buildings, a memorial and parks. Also this tour can be done on foot or by bike.

Full map:

You can arrive at Rathaus Steglitz or decide to start your trip directly from the Botanischer Garten - Botanic Garden (1), which consist of a museum and different gardens on an area of 126 acres and hence is one of the world´s largest and most important gardens (more infos). If you start from the Rathaus, you can have a look at the square and the Mirrored Wall Memorial (2), a reminder of the synagogue which was once located in the courtyard of a neighbouring house and commemorates the deportation of the Berlin Jews.
From here you can go to have a look at the Bierpinsel - Beer brush (3), a modern abandoned building with its very particular shape covered with graffiti. Going back a bit and passing under the Highway, you can arrive at the Postamt (4), a very old post office and not far from it jut on the opposite side of the street, in a courtyard, the Stadtbad - Swimming pool (5), which is now a cultural center and a theater. Following the street leading east you'll cross the Lukaskirche (6), a church with its clock outside and an old organ from 1919.
Usually walking inside the cemeteries of Berlin is a nice experience, they're very green and well mantained. From the Friedhof - Cemetery (7) you can arrive directly at the Wasserturm - Watertower (8) of Steglitz and leading south you'll enter inside the Stadtpark (9), a very nice park with different fountains and lakes.
Although the itinerary ends here, you can go a bit more south till the Teltow canal and there's a small street by the bank for bikes and people that you can follow for a while before to go back home.