Sunday, April 21, 2013

Itinerary #5 - Pankow

Pankow, with its renovated buildings, parks, and the very unique Majakowskiring.

Full map:

You can start from the Pankow station, which is very close to the first two buildings, Garbaty Zigarettenfabrik & Jüdisches Waisenhaus (1), which are a renovated cigarettes factory which is now an appartment building and the the orphanage which is on the main street (Berliner Strasse).
From here you can go through the Alte Mälzerei (2), the factory which produced roasted malt for beer production and it is now a very interesting appartments complex of which you can still watch the original structure. Not far, leading north you'll pass through the Rathaus (3), the Townall building made by red bricks.
Not far from here there's the Bürgerpark (4) (, where you'll also find the monument to Julius Fučík, a writer killed by Nazis in 1943.
Going north and east, you'll arrive to the Majakowskiring (5), a full ring with different villas, where the  members of the government of DDR were living here.
Have a look to the the old Pankow Ballhaus - Ballroom (6),  which is just on Grabbeallee, usually is closed, but you can see it from outside through the windows.
Last stop is the Schloss Schönhausen Palace (7), together with the tea house and the park behind it.