Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breaking the Circle: Kremmen

The small town of Kremmen, who is directly north of Berlin, is full of storks (as well as the near village of Linum is famous for its stork nests) in the area of the river Havel which was first mentioned in 1216 and has already received city rights in 1298.

The core city was built in the 13th Century at a junction, while south of the city extends the forest area of Chandler , whose name also derives from the name of the city. The medieval roots are present in a number street and still recognizable.

In the south part of the town there's the Scheunenviertelwhich is Germany's biggest surviving barn area. About 50 buildings, several trains mostly strung together, form regarding layout and facade and unique symmetry arranged an ensemble as a whole is a historical monument since 1993. It has been partially renovated and filled with handicraft and pubs.

More infos: WIKI (german)

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