Sunday, May 5, 2013

Itinerary #7 - Tempelhof

It's spring time, it's time to go to parks and enjoy nature. This path is maybe too long so take a bike, but you can decide just to relax in the parks between steps.

The Tempelhof Airport (1) has been closed some years ago after being the airport of West Berlin during the cold war for the Berlin Blockade. Now it's a wonderful park were people are free to enjoy nature and to practice every possible sport on the former runways. You can really just spend the full day there, but you can also go to visit the entrance of the airport and the Luftbrückendenkmal (3), a 1951 monument which is reminiscent of the Berlin Airlift with its victims. On the north side of the airport you can also give a look at the Islamic cemetery (2) and the mosque just near it. Going on point (4) you'll find the Schwerbelastungskörper ("heavy load-bearing body" is a large concrete cylinder, built to study the feasibility of constructing a massive triumphal arch on the site by Albert Speer and Adolf Hitler when they were planning the building of the city of Germania. The project failed and this is the monument to this failure
Leading south you can pass through the Malzfabrik (5), an old malt factory from Schultheiss Brewery, now transformed in a cultural center, but it's still possible sometimes having a visit inside the factory and to its amazing chimney stacks with the metal top.
On the other side of the railway, in the intersection of two lines, there's the (6) Südgelände Nature Park (with a full reportage here), a nature and landscape conservation area, mostly built with metal materials from the train stations. Inside the park there's also an interesting Cafè where you can have some rest.
Last station of our itinerary is the Tempelohofer Hafen (7), a nice small harbour where you can still watch some old cranes and the beautiful dark red bricks building behind it.
On the way to the harbour you can decide to have a look at the Ufafabrik (7), an international cultural center.

(5) Malzfabrik

(7) Tempelohofer Hafen

(1) Tempelhof Airport

(6) Südgelände Nature Park