Sunday, June 30, 2013

Itinerary #9 - Messe Nord

A short itinerary of just 2.5 km in Messe, full of different possibilities and some relax by the lake.

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Honestly is not so common to come over here, maybe just passing by with the car coming / going to Spandau, but this area, which is between Schloss Charlottenburg and Ku'damm, is in the end full of possibilities. You can start from the big buildings of Messe: Haus des Rundfunks - House of Broadcasting (1), which is the historical building of the radio of Berlin, then just in front you'll find the big hall of Palais am Funkturm (2), built in 1937 during the Nazi time and inside (you can go inside to the Sommergarten) you'll find the Marshall-Haus just from the name of the Plan to save Europe and built with its money in 1950 and a very nice Restaurant. From here you can cross the street and have a look at the Messe Starship Building (3) with its particular shape built of metal, which is the International Congress Messe.
Going est on Neue Kantstrasse you'll cross a small bridge on the Lietzensee lake, which has a nice small park you can relax a bit. From here you can arrive at the black marble statue of the Treblinka Monument (4) just in from of the Amtsgericht Charlottenburg. Crossing the street and going north at the corner you'll notice the Ignatius-Haus (5) built in 1957. Just behind you'll see the two big cubes of the St. Canisius Kirche (6) with its really interesting architecture.
Just on one corner of the lake there's this interesting old building, which was the Reichskriegsgericht (Palace of Military Justice) (7) building of Third Reich, where more then 1000 has been judged with capital punishment.
Just in front of this building there's a school (8) with old decorations and two different entrances for boys and girls. From here you can go back to Keiserdamm and have a look at the first building from the Bosch company (9) built in 1917 (unfortunately the inside is totally renowed).
If you have still time and you want to see something more, the Schloss Charlottenburg with its park and the Mausoleum of the Kings are not far from here.

(1) Haus des Rundfunks

(3) Messe Starship Building

(9) Bosch building

(2) Palais am Funkturm

(4) Treblinka monument

(6) St. Canisius Kirche

(7) Reichskriegsgericht (Palace of Military Justice)

(8) School decorations

Friday, June 28, 2013

Haus des Rundfunks - House of Broadcasting (Charlottenburg)

The House of Broadcasting is the oldest self-contained broadcasting house in the world. It was designed by Hans Poelzig in 1929 after winning an architectural competition. The building vis-à-vis the Funkturm contains three large broadcasting rooms located in the centre, shielded from street noise by the surrounding office wings. It is now used by the local ARD broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) and produces radio programs for the channels radioBerlin, Kulturradio, and Inforadio. The building's broadcasting rooms are occasionally also used to host concerts.

More infos: WIKI

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Christopher SHOES Day Collection

Together with the full reportage from the Christopher Street Day 2013, i've also decided to publish another selection of photos made just from people' shoes.
Shoes are telling much of people personalities and it's interesting to see how this is reflected on this special day of pride.

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