Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's new?

As you can seen, the interface of the blog is changed. After spending some months collecting places and documenting with photography the city, i've spent some time to reorder it. It was too difficult to find the posts and the old ones were completaly buried under the new ones.
I'd like to say Thank you to Tanja Tikarli for her help in this classification, a really great job!

In the Buddhist culture, the elephant is a marvellous animal and in the Dhammapada (an ancient text on Buddha's teachings) is celebrated with a full Chapter (23).

To the elephant are given many skills like endurance, patience, strength and orderliness. We move in the city that has a patient sufferance for its history, with the endurance to rebuild, with the strength of the present, the introspection of the curiosity and sometimes the loneliness of the abandoned places.

Berlin and its historical memory, of its traumas, of its defeats and restarts, of strong changes, of strong lights on dark and threatening backgrounds. From the beginning to the Weimar Republic, then to the Nazi time and the Second War, till the Russian Period and the Cold War.

The endurance to rebuild, to change again and again, to find a new way of living, to transform what you had and to adjust it to new ways of living.

The commingling of cultures and people coming from different places, the protests against the Gentrification, the need to save the characteristical “poor but sexy” feeling of the city after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, temporary art spaces and markets. We, now.

To look deep and wider, to open your eyes to small details, to search for hidden stories.

(As the elephant can live together with the others, but it can also choose to roam alone in the forest, so) the decay and the abandonware are the perfect places to consider that the things of life, which we have always considered permanent, stable and durable, are by their inner nature: changing, impermanent and subject to birth and death.

When you travel, you must be like an elephant.

Together with this cataloguing, i've add also the Maps, Itineraries and the Breaking the Circle areas and in a while we'll have also Parks & Markets, to integrate the whole city.

Thank you Dario, Elephant in Berlin