Friday, August 30, 2013

Olympic Village 1936 (Elstal)

This place has been built as barracks, cause the Nazi regime was going to use it in this way after the games. The village consisted of a reception building, approximately 140 single-storey and five two-story residential buildings, a large dining house, a kitchen house, the Hindenburg House, the Commandant's House, a sports hall, a swimming pool, a sauna and a doctor and hospital. The dining House of Nations consisted of 38 dining rooms, each serving a nation to taking the food and socializing. In Hindenburghaus there was entertainment.

After the Olympics were housed a school Infantry and Infantry Training Regiment . The eating-house of nations was as a military hospital , field hospital set up called Olympia. This use had already been considered in the design of the building: In the second and third floor large terraces were created, to which the patient could be pushed together.

After the war, the retired Soviet Army an on-site and used it until the withdrawal in 1992
It is now well preserved and it's possible to get inside the building with a guided tour.

More infos: WIKI (german)

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