Friday, September 6, 2013

Exclusive: Inside the Fichtebunker (published on Exberliner Mag)

We already talked about the Fichtebunker (HERE the full article) almost one year ago, but at that time we're not able to show you the photos of the inside of the building.
Berliner Unterwelten is doing a great job in the rehabilitation of this bunker, giving those who visit it likely an impression of what has been its history, making sure that we can get a sense of place as it is passed through various stages of the city of Berlin.

What is immediately striking is a certain area of loss, a labyrinthitis for the rounded walls, while the temperature is radically different, whether it's hot or cold, with thick walls.

You can read the full article "Inside, we felt safe" by Sara Wilde on EXBERLINER  (Issue 119 - September 2013) on the experience of Regina Schwenke who was inside the bunker during the WWII.

Special thanks for this pubblication to Berlino Explorer, Sascha Keil, Erica Löfman and Nadja Vancauwenberghe.

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