Monday, September 16, 2013

Inglorious Bastards' Fortress: Fort Hahneberg

Although Inglorious Bastards had caused several debates on the real destiny of the Jews and on their inability to react to the Nazi regime, the hilarious and grotesque scene of Brad Pitt eating a sandwich while the Bear Jew butchers the nazi in uniform with his club, is a cult scene from Tarantino's film; like the next scene, where they carve a swastika  (Hakenkreuz) on the forehead of the last nazi alive, has been filmed in the same place at Fort Hahneberg, just outside Berlin on the street that brings from Charlottenburg to Elstal.

It's not a coincidence that Tarantino's mania has choosen this place as one of his film sets, because the Fort, like the remains of the eagle on the front door, have been really used by the Nazis during the WWII and they're original.

The Fort was created to protect the city of Spandau in late 1800, but unfortunately the war technology changed very quickly that the difences were already obsolete. During the WWII has been used, then mostly demolished by the Allies after the war and then left abandoned for long time.

From the 90's "Fort Hahneberg eV" has started to restore the place and to organize visits to the place. Nowadays the works are still on and there's a mixed feeling of not abandoned place nor restored, but the atmosphere inside the inner court and all around is really immersive.

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