Friday, December 20, 2013

Cité Foch & The Commander's Villa (Reinickendorf)

The Cité Foch is a residential area in Reinickendorf. The settlement was essentially 1952-1976 as a residential area for the French forces in Berlin and their families.
The Cité Foch (initially also Cité Toucoulou) had developed over time the largest in the French residential areas with 80 buildings. It was named by French units as a makeshift "camp Foch" (after Ferdinand Foch , a French marshal in the First World War ). Since there were also military facilities on the premises, the Cité Foch was not publicly available.

After the German reunification, the Cité Foch became a ghost town. The apartments were difficult to let, they were too big, poorly laid out, dilapidated, also mostly only temporary leases were offered. Only after a refurbishment by the BImA around the turn of the millennium the situation improved. Between 2007 and 2010, the vacancy rate from 33 to 7 percent could be reduced.

On top of the hill, at the very end of the area, is still possible to see the Commander's Villa, which is now been converted in a diplomatic residence.

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