Monday, January 27, 2014

The Three Soviet Memorials - Ehrenmal

The Battle of Berlin was the final major offensive of the European Theatre of WII, with more then 2 millions Russians soldiers of the Red Army to capture the city.
At the end of this Battle the Red Army losts 80.000 soldiers and more then 200.000 reported wounded or sick during the operational period (more soldiers died for wounds till 1956).
In the beginning they were buried in local graves and mass graves all around the city, but then they've found final rest in bigger places.
This places are now full restored and they serve as burial place and as mausoleums for the Red Army. These places had a double meaning: celebrate the soldiers and the powerful of the Soviets. It was really important to them to give rest to the soldiers who have fighted against the Nazis and on the other side was really important to create cult places to celebrate the Motherland (they've been built in a period when all around the city was mostly destroyed and full of debris).

Among these, there are also other smaller russian memorials in Berlin and also in Potsdam.

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