Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Itinerary #12 - Savignyplatz

This Itinerary is a short but somehow intense one with a lot of possible detours (being in a very west-central busy area). Let's try no to get lost with the big venues, then.

Full map:

As always you can start it both sides, from S-Savignyplatz or from the S-Tiergarten (1). I've decided to end in Savignyplatz because then you can relax and have a look at the nice bookstore under the arches.
Following the Strasse des 17. Juni on sunday you can have a look at the Flohmarkt (3) and at the Charlottenburg Tor (4), but if you have a look on the river side, you'll notice this very special building, the Umlauftank (2), called the Rosa Röhre ("Pink Tube") - a circulation tank of the Laboratory of Hydraulics and shipbuilding.
From here you can choose different ways, but maybe you can follow the main street till Ernst-Reuter platz and then down to Hardenbergerstrasse. On your left you'll find the univestities buildings and on your right the Renaissance Theater (5). Among the buildings of the University there is the Universität der Künste Berlin - Fakultät Gestaltung (6), where you maybe can go in and have a look.
Here one possible detour is to go the the Helmut Newton Foundation (aka Museum für Fotografie), or just keep on going to the Ludwig Erhard Haus (7), a contemporary building made by elliptical arches on the Fasanenstrasse.
On the same street you'll find also 3 different buildings from the architect Bernhard Sehring: Theater des Westens (8), the Delphi Filmpalast (8) and the Künstlerhaus St. Lukas (9) - which has a very nice courtyard.
Just on the other side of the S-Bahn bridge, on the same street, you'll find the Jewish Community House Portal of the former synagogue (10).
From here you can go finally to Savignyplatz (12) passing near the arches of the S-Bahn e through the Diener (11) theater-pub (a former boxers meating point) with the "Tattersall des Westens" still visible on it. It was in 1900 a school for riding and horses, not far from the stables that were in Ulandstrasse.

Delphi Filmpalast (8)

Jewish Community House Portal of the former synagogue (10)

Ludwig Erhard Haus (7)

Künstlerhaus St. Lukas (9) 

Theater des Westens (8)

Universität der Künste Berlin - Fakultät Gestaltung (6)

Umlauftank (2)