Friday, May 9, 2014

Event: 9th May. The Soviet day of our Freedom

The Soviet memorial of Treptower park is usually very empty, creating this feeling of touching drama, being so huge. But today is a special day and it's an important day: the celebration of the Freedom Day and the sign by the Nazis of the Unconditional surrender in the The German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst .
The atmosphere at the memorial changes from area to area, at the entrance there's a discussion on the actual situation of Russia-Ukraine problem, where the two soldiers are down on the knee is a general nice and happy feeling, with people making pictures of them in front of the huge area and the statue of the soldier smashing the svastika in the background.
Then you need to walk a bit to reach it and inside the small shrine with the mosaic, the feeling changes, people are doing pictures, someone is crying and they bring flower.
There are actually flower everywhere today in this place.
Unfortunately the Cold War and the ideological war and also the news from this period have changed and destroyed the idea behind this celebration, but if we've been saved, it's also for the 80.000 soldiers died for us in the Battle of Berlin and generally the millions of soviet soldiers of the Red Army who gave their lifes to make us free, Cпасибо.

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