Sunday, March 20, 2016

Carneval Al-Lajiìn_Al-Lajiàat - Global Day Against Racism (20th March 2016)

By the decision of Chancellor Merkel not to put a numerical limit to refugees arriving from Syria, Berlin has become a very important place of aggregation, both for purely bureaucratic reasons and because the response of the Berliners was clear: "Refugees are Welcome".
In recent months, in addition to the initial reception assistance, in the city were born and are developing many projects that have to do with immigration and integration, real theme of the future of the country and of Europe in general.
March 20th, on the occasion of the Global Day Against Racism, was organized in the streets of Berlin Carnival "Al-Lajiìn_Al-Lajiàat", to celebrate the diversity against racism (in Germany the number of criminal acts and attacks against asylum seekers increased from 199 to 924 in a single year), both against the EU policies on immigration.
As specified by the organizers "Carnival has a longstanding tradition of resistance Carnival was once a place where societal structures were revealed and confronted. Carnival creates a culture of  laughing and creative resistance that confronts, the ruling system. With performances, dances masques, costumes, flash-mobs, music and spoken word [...]", for a real change of society and for the right to stay, as well as for the right to move, which is to be considered a human right.

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